Eating Out My Sister


As I lay in bed, cupping my own b cup tits, I could hear my sister stirring. I didn't think she would wake up, I often masturbated in my bed without her knowing, and there was no reason why today would be different. I slipped my hand down to my hairless cunt slowly, fingering myself and rubbing my clit as my other hand pulled at my small dark nipples. A soft moan escaped my lips and I looked over, to see if my small noise had awoken my sister. I don't know what exactly woke her up, but my sister was sitting up in bed, watching me. I smiled, and continued rapidly rubbing my clit. Another moan escaped my lips as I began to cum, my hot liquids flowing over my thighs onto my bed. It must have been the pot, because as my sister watched, I brought my cum covered fingers to my lips and licked them clean. Dipping them back down, I brought them up to her lips, and rubbed my juices over them. "Now Lick. " I instructed her, my hand slowly rubbing her firm breasts over her nightshirt, and my mouth started to fill with spit as I thought of taking the tender round orbs into it. I didn't let myself pinch at her nipples as my fingers saught to do, I waited until she licked her lips clean, then I smiled again. "Like the taste? I do. . . " My hands drifted slowly down my sister's body, under her nightshirt, and I leaned up and gently kissed her lips as my fingers found her slightly hairy cunt.

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   I was surprised when she slipped her tongue into my mouth, but rewarded her with two fingers up her tight twat. I thrust them in and out as my thumb rubbed circles around her clit. My other hand pressed her back and I drew her nightshirt over her head, releasing her tits in all their glory. Hungrily I dove into her tits, sucking on one first, then the other. My right hand still frantically pounding her cunt, my left drifted up and began tugging on her nipples. She moaned softly then, and I began working faster, my thumb and fingers driving her to a small orgasm. I continued playing with her until she had rode out the waves of orgasm, then I sat back and smiled. "Do you want me to eat you?" I sounded very breathy to myself, finally this was coming true, and I would feel her sweet cum on my tongue. I almost came again, thinking about it. Nodding her head nervously, my sister lay back on her bed and spread her legs, allowing me complete access. Leaning down, I took in her scent, licking my lips slowly. One of my hands drifted to my own pants as I began licking the clear tangy liquid from my sister's young thighs. She shivered in anticipation as I slowly moved up, and she tried to force my face onto her, but I took my time, cleaning her inner thighs first, then licking just above her pubic hair. With sudden movements, I thrust my face deep into her muff, licking slowly and deeply. The gasp which escaped to my ears only fueled my fire as I probed her cunt with my tongue.

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   Taking her small nub of a clit in my mouth, I hummed, causing it to poke out, and my sister to nearly scream in orgasm. I felt her body trembling beneath me, and I heard her cries of joy, but I continued on my journey. Amid her cries of pleasure, I began to slowly rub two fingers over her opening, humming harder on her clit as I forced her to continue riding her orgasm. As I felt her begin to come down, I thrust both my fingers up her swiftly, then added a third. She moaned louder than before, and I pushed my fingers in and out of her. Feeling her cunt lips clentch at my fingers, I rubbed harder at my own cunt, suddenly running into another hand. My sister had turned, and now had her fingers rubbing around my cunt! I moaned around her clit as I began to cum, and we both lay there panting after, my face covered in the incestuous cum of my sister. To Be Continued. . . .

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